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キラーバニー Killer Bunny

A wicked collection of 5555 Killer Bunnies.

Killer Bunny #0001 roams the streets of the Meta City preying on vulnerable children and waiting for the perfect opportunity to execute the masterplan - to create more counterparts - more cute and adorable Killer Bunnies.

Toge®®ther, Killer Bunnies will come to life at night to plunder gold and jewelry. As for anybody who gets in the way?... They will be killed.

Learn about the

Killer Bunny

The Killer Bunny is our newest collection with 5555 NFTs to release. We used our experiences in digital content creation to deliver more than 200 distinct traits throughout the bunny collection.

  • The Killer Bunny NFT & $killberbunny Token concept allows Killer Bunny holders who own the NFT to become a part of the Killer Bunny family. Killer Bunny holders will benefit in many ways, whether it's through weekly rewards, staking, or…. read on for more surprises.
Become a Killer Bunny

Whitelist Member

You don't want to miss this! “Hop” onto our discord channel and connect with your Killer Bunny Senpais. There are many surprises planned along the way for the community to become a whitelist member. Interact and have genuine conversations, meet the dev and mod team, participate in giveaways and many more. Join us now - the heist awaits!

紺碧の箱 Azure Box

Misterious Reward

Killer Bunnies will enter the Meta City plundering luxury goods to spoil his Killer Bunny Holders. Every week, Killer Bunny Holders are presented with an Azure Box to open and receive a mysterious reward. Top rewards include:

  • Opportunities to become whitelisted on popular projects we collaborate with.
  • Random $killerbunny token drops which can be monetized. Exchange $killerbunny token for REAL money.
  • Equipment to gear your Killer Bunny. Equipment offers improved attributes and stats to help prepare your Killer Bunny for our NFT game launch.


Coming soon
Phase 1

造幣局 Mint

Purchase your very own Killer Bunny NFT. You can mint on our set launch date by connecting your wallet to our website. More information to come.

Phase 2

明らかにして賭ける Reveal & Stake

You will reveal your very own Killer Bunny on the announced reveal date. Everybody has the chance to get one of the rarest legendary Killer Bunnies.

We will take a % of royalties from each sale and fund the community vault. By being a Killer Bunny Holder, you will already be staking your Killer Bunny by being rewarded from this community vault.

Phase 3

紺碧の箱 Azure Box

Don't forget to receive your weekly reward. The Killer Bunnies are working very hard to plunder mysterious special rewards for you.

Phase 4

バニーが生き返る 3D Bunnies Come to Life

3D Killer Bunnies will come to life as they will show right in front of your eyes.

Phase 5

キラーバニーNFTゲーム Killer Bunny NFT Game

Prepare for the most exciting plundering game of all time with play-to-earn mechanics, The Killer Bunny. Carrying out the heist with your own hands, embark into the Meta City and infiltrate people's home. You will be timed, so loot as much as you can. Most importantly, be sure not to alarm the residence!

ステージ 一 Phase 1
  • Setup Social Media
  • Development Website
  • Giveaways
  • Marketing - Influencers
  • Uniswap Launch
ステージ 二 Phase 2
  • Listed on CoinMarketCap
  • Listed on Coingecko
  • Exchange Listing
ステージ 三 Phase 3
  • Social Media Out Reach
  • Discord Set Up
  • AMA's
  • Killer Bunny NFT Launch
  • Stake & Reveal
  • Killer Bunny Game Trailer Release
ステージ 四 Phase 4
  • Weekly Azure Box Rewards
  • Killer Bunny Baby NFT
  • Marketplace
  • NFT Game Launch - Pay-to-Earn
Behind the Scenes

キラーバニー Meet the Team


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